What's new at GoodBarber? June 2018


It's time to introduce you to the latest version of one of our advanced add-ons: Live + 

For those who aren't familiar with this add-on, it's an audio player that allows you to broadcast an M3U feed and to display metadata associated with the track being played, such as the title, name of the artist, and album cover. 
The user can share what he's listening to, buy it, and check out the last 5 songs he listened to. On your side, you can choose to broadcast your feed on specific dates or times. 

Live+ 2.0

In order for Live+ to work, the app must retrieve several types of information from the feed:
  • The audio track
  • Metadata
In the feature's initial version, the audio track was retrieved directly from the feed, while the metadata passed through an API, making the intermediary between the app and the feed of origin.
This function, which ensured the accuracy of the information being broadcasted, was sometimes quite slow, causing desynchronization between the audio track broadcast and metadata display. 

We therefore rethought the player functionality in order to offer you a better performing version: Live+ 2.0

From now on, metadata is gathered directly from the origin feed, ensuring a faster display and perfect synchronization with the audio track broadcasting. The first version of Live+ was good because it gave us the option to carry out operations and maintenance without needing to ask you to rebuild you apps, but today, seeing the years of experience we have with this feature and its stability, there's no more need to take this precaution. 
If you want to take advantage of the power of Live+ 2.0, don't forget to rebuild your application!

Below you'll find a summary of the developments and updates that took place in June, 2018:

Native iOS app

  • About page
    • Fixed an issue causing the page title to be stuck behind the header when scrolling
  • Click-to page
    • Fixed an issue causing a crash when links were clicked on
  • Little Swipe navigation mode
    • Fixed an issue preventing the background image from being displayed on iPad
  • Authentication add-on
    • On the sign-up page, fixed an issue causing the gradient background to be missing
    • The user description can now be displayed on multiple lines
    • On the "Edit Profile" page, in a dropdown field, the first value will no longer be displayed as the default one
    • "user_birthday" and "user_friend" have been removed on Facebook login
  • Chat add-on
    • Fixed an issue causing user thumbnails to be displayed in square format
  • Couponing add-on
    • Fixed an issue preventing list transparency from working
  • Other fixes and improvements 
    • The animation and display have been improved when the user clicks on a link redirecting to the home page
    • Fixed an issue preventing the plural from being applied on "Comment" wording

Native Android app

  • Home page
    • In widgets using the Grid navigation template, the vertical margins are now displayed. 
  • Video page
    • In the detail page, clicking on an iframe now redirects the user to a browser
  • Authentication add-on
    • In the Sign-up page, it's now possible to add a profile picture by using the camera
    • In the Profile page, fixed an issue causing a crash when the user clicked on an image
    • "user_birthday" and "user_friend" have been removed on Facebook login
  • Community add-on
    • Fixed an issue causing users to be incorrectly sorted when refreshing the list
  • Live+ add-on
    • The app now shares the URL of the stream if a track has no defined purchase link
    • Metadata is now extracted directly from the feed, meaning there will be no more delay between the info being displayed and the stream being played
    • Now, the notification shows the song being played
    • Now, the color of the notification is based on the illustration (only in devices using Android 8.0)
  • Other fixes and improvements 
    • ​If a link to the first section is added to the header, the app navigates backwards instead of forward
    • More types of feeds are now compatible with Exoplayer
    • You can now choose to use MediaPlayer for a section by adding the JSON property "sections / enableExoplayer" set to 0
    • Fixed an issue causing a crash when there was a gradient background


  • Articles page
    • In the detail page of template 1, the header can now be colored
  • Calendar page
    • Fixed an issue causing the end hour to be displayed even if it was the same as the start hour
  • Favorites page
    • Sounds can now be played properly
  • Menu page
    • In template 5, fixed an issue causing incorrect vertical alignment
  • Authentication add-on
    • In the log-in page, fixed an issue preventing the "close" icon from being properly displayed on iOS
  • Other fixes and improvements
    • Fixed an issue preventing the navigation page from being opened upon the launch 
    • Fixed a critical crash issue on Internet Explorer 11


  • gbRequest method
    • Fixed an issue on iOS causing the character ' to be replaced with the character "