What's new at GoodBarber? September 2018


September is already over, so it's time to take a look at what our developer teams did this month. 

Below you'll find a summary of the developments and updates made in September, 2018:

Native iOS App

  • Article page
    • In template 3 of the details page, fixed an issue causing the header to be hidden when there were no action buttons. 
  • Search page
    • Fixed a problem preventing control of the opacity in the placeholder. 
  • Contact page
    • Fixed a problem preventing the SMS button from working. 
  • Click-to page
    • Fixed the issue causing the page not to open in certain cases. 
  • User Group add-on
    • In the Live Video page, fixed an issue that prevented the user group restriction from working properly when the autoPlay parameter was active. 
  • Internal Ad Server add-on
    • In the Advertising widgets, fixed an issue causing black borders to be displayed on the ad. 

Native Android app

  • Article page
    • Fixed an issue causing part of the image to be invisible when the header was transparent. 
  • Search page
    • Fixed an issue preventing the background opacity from being applied on this page. 
  • Settings page
    • Fixed an issue preventing the app from being able to restart in flight mode after clicking the clear cache button. 
  • Authentication add-on
    • Fixed an issue causing fields to scroll behind the close button. 
  • Other fixes and improvements
    • The engine is now optimized for Android 9.0 Pie.


  • General
    • Adaptations and optimizations for the iPhone X screen.
  • Home page
    • In widgets with the Carrousel template, an iOS display problem has been fixed.
  • Sound page
    • Fixed an issue causing the sound not to be initialized. 
  • Live Video page
    • Fixed an issue preventing the background image from being displayed when the live was deactivated. 
  • Form page
    • Fixed a display issue with the date fields occurring with some non-latin languages. 
    • Now radio labels do not overflow if they are too long, but are instead displayed on several lines. 
  • Search page
    • Fixed an issue causing the 404 error to be displayed when the user clicked on the back button after searching for something.
  • QRCode page
    • Fixed a variety of minor bugs.
  • TabBar navigation mode
    • Fixed an issue causing the title to overflow on Firefox. 
  • Swipe navigation mode
    • Fixed a problem causing a background color to always being displayed even if it was set to transparent.
  • Menu page
    • In template 5, fixed a horizontal alignment issue occurring when the first line was incomplete. 


  • gbGetMedia method
    • On iOS, fixed an issue causing the image to be incorrectly oriented when using the gbGetMedia method for taking a photo with the camera.
    • On Android, is is now possible to select several photos in the gallery. 
  • gbNavigateModal method
    • On iOS, fixed a problem causing strange behavior when opening links. 
  • gbViewDidAppear method
    • On Android, fixed a problem preventing the gbViewDidAppear method frm being called in some cases.