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Hi GoodBarbers,

Today we have the of honor of talking to Will Benson , the creator of the official app of Wrestling Rumors , the latest source for all pro wrestling rumors, news and spoilers.

Can you talk a bit about yourself and your project, Wrestling Rumors?

My name is Will Benson and Wrestling Rumors is an online news source for sports-entertainment fans. We provide news, reviews and previews of all the biggest news and events in wrestling today.

What was your main goal in creating this app?

We wanted a way to bring our website to users on the move. Our website was already 'responsive', but we wanted to be featured in the App Stores and show we have a native app. A big idea we wanted to implement was breaking news alerts and the app allowed us to do that.

Has the creation of your app increased your readers loyalty?

Yes - using push notifications for breaking news significantly brought users back to our site. Rather than waiting for them to visit the website or load the app to view the article we were able to tell them about it as soon as it was published.

Why did you choose GoodBarber?

In the early stages of our project, we were very new to the world of App Development and wanted to explore this without having to learn the coding languages required. GoodBarber allowed us to create an app with no coding knowledge at all as well as link with our Wordpress-based website - and the inclusion of Push Notifications was a deal breaker!

Do you have some advice for our readers?

Keep apps simple! Many app creators try too hard with flashy graphics and other things. The GoodBarber tool is good enough to allow your content sell your app for you!