Native apps

No compromises on the technology used to build your app. Swift, Kotlin and other native technologies to guarantee to best performance for your app.

Native app+

  • Embedded cache system

    An algorithm is dedicated to optimizing the caching of the different elements of your app to ensure optimal and fast performance, regardless of network connectivity.

  • High performance

    We’ve taken into account performance requirements from the first line of code ever written for our native apps. Everything is designed for fast display and stability, on top of which, performance tests are regularly conducted by our team of developers to maintain the same level of excellence.

  • Offline use

    Your content is synchronized from your back office and stored directly inside the app. GoodBarber’s native apps are thus completely available offline.

  • Advanced multi-testing

    We have a fleet of over 30 devices with iOS and Android operating systems, among the most commonly used on the market, to perform rigorous testing and ensure the functioning of GoodBarber apps, no matter the device used.

Progressive Web App+

  • Activate or Deactivate

    You can choose to activate or disable access to your web app, at any time. When you deactivate your web app you can automatically redirect your users to download your native app instead.

  • Customizable 404

    The error page displayed when content is missing or a link is incorrect can be customized to your liking. You can direct your users towards the most relevant destination.

  • Cookies warning

    Your web app uses cookies in order to deliver the best possible user experience. By default, GoodBarber integrates a feature to inform them that the web app uses cookies. This alert can be 100% customized.

  • Publication assistant

    Before publishing your web app you will be guided through a few essential steps: setting up a domain name, activating an SSL certificate, defining your SEO meta-data. We’ve got you covered so that you don’t miss a thing.

  • Angular 6.0

    Your web app has been developed using the Angular 6.0 framework, the latest generation. It’s a guarantee that your users will benefit from the most advanced technology out there.

  • Fully adaptative

    The design of your web app is fully adaptative, meaning that it is automatically configured to every screen size, from the smallest to the largest, without extra customization needs.

  • High performance

    We’ve taken into account performance requirements from the first line of code ever written for your web app. Everything is designed for fast display and stability, on top of which, performance tests are regularly conducted by our team of developers to maintain the same level of excellence.

  • SEO friendly HTML code

    The HTML code of your web app has been designed to ensure optimal indexation by search engines. The page structure is already optimized and HTML tags are organized to facilitate screening by the engines, to highlight your content.

  • Quick display

    Your web app supports mechanisms designed to give your users a fast feel. Beyond performance optimization, it is designed to be displayed in consecutive layers, to match the look and feel of a native app.

  • SASS

    All style sheets have been pre-processed with SASS to optimize loading time and compatibility with the different browsers on the market.

  • Server Side Rendering

    Your web app is served over servers which pre-generate the display for the client, thus minimizing network communications and increasing the level of compatibility with old browsers.

  • Installation

    Your web app manifest allows installation on the users’ home screens if they visit your web app on mobile, as well as the customization of the behavior, along with an icon, launching screen, etc. A way to encourage engagement and loyalize users.

  • Optimized bundle

    Before it is published, your web app is built, which contributes to compressing and optimizing the bundle of files which will be served to your users. For your users, only the essential part of the code will be loaded and read, to ensure fast loading and functioning.

  • Loading on demand

    Data is loaded only when the users request to display it, which ensures faster display and minimum data consumption for the users.

  • Material Design

    Your web app complies with the graphical and ergonomic guidelines of Material Design, the latest standard for a growing majority of the web. Your users won’t be disoriented.

Reliable architecture+

  • High availability and capacity


    Your web app is hosted on a technically robust infrastructure, equipped to serve more than a hundred million pages a month. Server redundancy prevents interruptions to the service.

  • Our very own infrastructure, designed to your needs

    We have several system administrators on the team whose mission is to design and manage our equipment and cloud hosting infrastructure. The infrastructure is designed to anticipate our clients’ needs, in terms of storage as well as processing power.

  • 15 years of experience

    The GoodBarber technical infrastructure is the achievement of a cohesive team’s work, with over 15 years of expertise in the area of creating as well as hosting services in SaaS.

  • No necessary additional plugin

    GoodBarber includes the full range of mechanisms ensuring the performance and stability of your native app as well as your web app. It is not necessary to rely on additional cache plugins.

  • Triple data backup

    All your data is backed up daily, in 3 different geographical locations, to guarantee maximum continuity.

Domain & SSL+

  • Installing your own custom domain name

    You can customize the address from which users access your web app by setting up a custom domain name. All domain extensions are managed.

  • Full DNS management

    It is possible to completely hand over the management of your domain name DNS servers to GoodBarber. It’s the easiest way to set up a domain name for your web app.

  • CNAME installation

    If you wish to manage your domain name DNS servers yourself, you can easily register a CNAME record with your registrar which will allow your web app to be accessed from your domain name.

  • Integrated SSL certificate

    Your web app is available in HTTPS at any time. Before setting up a domain name, you can access it from a free GoodBarber URL which integrates an SSL certificate. As soon as you set up a custom domain name, GoodBarber will manage the SSL certificate registration process for you, for your domain name.

  • Custom SSL certificate installation

    If you wish you can also install a custom SSL certificate (including, for instance, an extended validation process) for your web app.

  • Slate

    The Slate displays your app's navigation in full screen, each entry is depicted by text.

Images management+

  • Drag and drop upload

    Integrate images into your content easily with the drag and drop feature.

  • Adaptative compressing

    Images are resized to several ratios, compressed and cached to reach the best weight, performance and display quality combination. Loading times are optimized without jeopardizing display quality.

  • Progressive loading

    Only the images which should be displayed immediately to the user are shown—top of the page images first, then the rest. This ensures a faster, higher performing web app and native app for your users.

  • Included CDN

    All the images hosted by GoodBarber are hosted on a global CDN, with 18 location points throughout the world. Your content is hosted closest to your users, with no additional costs.

  • Images SEO

    Your images are assigned HTML tags to facilitate their indexation by search engines.