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Custom code in your app content

GoodBarber offers the possibility to use external code within the app.
There are a few options that allow you to do this: plugins, APIs, custom feeds, HTML sections/Widget, etc.


Add a Plugin section

An HTML5 plugin for GoodBarber is a bundle of HTML/Javascript files, and several assets which will be cached into the app and executed directly in your app.
An HTML5 plugin page will appear as the other sections in your app.

1. Go to the menu Add-ons > Catalogue
2. Click "More info" under "Plugin section"
3. Click "+ Add" green button
The section will be automatically added in the Sections  list
4. Give it a title and upload/paste your external code.

Please refer to our documentation for more details: Plugins documentation.


Add the API access add-on

This option allows you to access several settings that are not available in your GoodBarber backend.
For more details, please refer to this online help: How to use the Settings API

To activate the settings API
1. Go to the menu Add-ons > Catalogue
2. Click "More info" under "API access"
3. Click on "+ Add" green button

To check our Json settings file documentation, go to the menus: 
- Settings > Developers > API Settings 
- Settings > Developers > Documentation API 


Add a Custom feed

To use a custom feeds as a content source (articles, events, videos, photos, maps...):

1. Go to the menu My app > Content > Sections
2. Click on  the green button "+ Add a section"
3. Scroll down and load more sections until you get to Articles / Photos / Videos / Calendar / Map / Sound Custom (Suitcase icon)
4. Select the type of section
5. Enter the URL of your custom content feed in the Settings field

Follow these specifications to ensure your custom feeds are compatible with our requirements: How to create Custom Feeds



Add an HTML section

1. Go to the menu My app > Content > Sections  
2. Click on  the green button "+ Add a section"
3. Scroll down and load more sections until you get to "HTML"
4. Click on it and select the "HTML" template
5. Add your code into the provided area.


Add your own browsing mode

1. Go to the menu My app > Design > Navigation menu   
2. Select "From scratch" navigation mode
3. Build your own navigation by inserting your HTML code


More developer tools

For more information, check our documentation: Developer Tools
In this section, you will find more instructions to ensure the compatibility of your code with our app’s builder requirements.



GoodBarber technical support team doesn’t manage the resolution of issues related to external code. 
GoodBarber team does not debug any code that it did not code himself, including embed codes or iframe.

You are the only one responsible for the behavior of your own code and/or external code you could use on your app.