You can connect your social network to your app. To do so, you can add a Facebook section to your app.

The Facebook section works as described below depending on the platforms included in your offer: 
PWA: it will open your Facebook page's Url under a new browser tab 
Android Native version: It will open a web view of your Facebook page's Url 
iOS Native version: It will open a component of Safari mobile with a web view of your Facebook page's Url



Add and set a Facebook page

1. In the left swipe menu go to Design & Structure  > Structure > Sections   
2. Click the green button "Add a section" from the right column  
3.  Add a Facebook section by choosing "Facebook" in the content items.    
4. Give it a title  
5. Fill in your Facebook URL
6. Click "Add



You can also add a link to your Facebook account in your navigation mode header, footer, or in the logo & title  of your app if you think it is better for your app users.


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