In-app purchase extension overview

In-App Purchase extension allows you to sell auto-renewable subscriptions from your native apps via the App Store (Apple) and Google Play Store to monetize your app.
The subscriptions will be paid and managed directly by the stores (Apple Store and Google Play store).

With this extension set subscriptions for a specific time period along with a free trial:
- Restrict the content you wish to make inaccessible to non-subscribers, so your subscribers can access exclusive content in your app.
- Disable ads in your app for your subscribers to browse your app without ads.

Once your users have subscribed to your app via the stores from the native app, they will also be able to login to your app on the PWA to access the restricted content from the PWA.

In-App Purchase is included in the offer Pro and reseller or in the offer Premium for 49€/month extra.


Understanding GoodBarber In-app purchase extension

Before installing this extension, make sure you know about the following requirements.

1. In-app purchase extension is not compatible with the following extensions :
Users: Authentications, Community, User groups, Chat
Local business: Loyalty card, Club card and Couponing
To install In-app purchase extension, if you have installed any of the extensions above, they will deleted from your app.

Existing users from the Authentication extension will be migrated to the new user profile system, when they registered with an email (Facebook, Twitter and Sign in with Apple users won't be migrated to the new user profile system).
Read this online help for all details on the migration of your existing users.

2. GoodBarber's In-app Purchase extension does not allow you:
- to sell one-time fee to access one specific content page of your app
- to set different levels of subscriptions (giving different access level to your app content)
- to set freemium access

3. The PWA must be activated and a domain name should be installed:
Links in automatic emails sent by your app (user password reset for instance), require the PWA to be activated and a domain name set to launch the native apps .
To deliver a great user experience, you want to make sure all features are set properly.
If you don't want your PWA to be indexed by Google, deactivate the SEO feature .


Configure the extension In-app purchase

1. Go to the menu Extensions Store > All Extensions > In-app Purchase
2. Click "Install"
3. Follow our instructions to set the extension and its design
4. Integrate In-app purchase to your native apps and set up your subscriptions to the stores, refer to these online helps for all details.


Test in-app purchases

To test the design of all pages related to in-app purchases,
Before your apps generation:
Use the back office preview or My GoodBarber app
You can only test the design of your pages, you won't be able to test the login to a paid account or test the subscription process from the back office preview or My GB app.
Refer to this online help to set your in-app purchases design.

Once your apps have been generated:
To test the design of your apps pages and access the content restricted, you can create a user and offer him a subscription , so you can login with that users credentials and access all pages of your app on the ad hoc versions / My GB app.

To test the full subscription process, it will be possible once you've generated your native apps using the test version of your apps (Ad Hoc versions).
A test user account needs to be set on the stores.
Refer to this online help  for all details.

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