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Google AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages Add on

The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages ) project was created by Google with the aim of making web pages load smoother and faster on mobile. AMP Pages load instantly, allowing you to deliver an even faster experience on all mobile devices.

Google highlights pages using AMP technology in its mobile search results.
AMP Pages appear either in the AMP carousel at the top of the first page of results, or in traditional results, labeled AMP while using a smartphone.


Accelerated Mobile Page generated for your PWA

The AMP add-on works with the CMS sections of your app: articles, events, maps, podcast, video, about.
GoodBarber generates AMP pages for each one of your articles, events, maps, podcasts, videos and About pages*.

AMP pages are designed to load instantly. To do so, their design is very light, stripped down to the minimum. 
AMP pages are also automatically cached by Google AMP Cache for faster load times on Google search.

The urls of your AMP pages are under the form:

*The list view pages of your sections, or the home page of your PWA for instance don't have an AMP page.


Activate or disable the Google AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages Add on

The add on is activated by default.

To disable it:
1. Go to the menu Add-ons > Management
2. Click "Disable" next to the add-on
3. Update the settings of your PWA