How to create internal ads

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial! 

Today we're going to talk about monetizing your app.

In your GoodBarber back office you can integrate internal or external ads

Today we will focus on internal ads.

In order to be able to integrate them I have added the Ad Server add-on.

The internal ad server is the easiest way for you to self-promote your app or display a specific ad. 

You have now a new menu  Marketing > Monetization > Internal Ad network

I'm now in the campaign creation page.

In the Settings tab I can create my campaign.

I name my campaign

I choose the display platforms.

I configure the rules
- duration: you determine a start and end date for the diffusion of your campaign.
- number of displays: you choose the number of times your campaign will be displayed.
- number of clicks: your campaign is broadcasted as long as the chosen number of clicks is not reached.

Finally I click on add.

Once the campaign is created, I create the ads. 



Display format and image.

And finally the link.

Let’s not forget to save.

I can add several ads within the same campaign.
Now in the menu Marketing > Monetization > Internal Ad network
I have a list of my campaigns that I can activate or deactivate.

 Now you know how to add ads to your app! 

 See you soon for another tutorial! 

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