How to consult your clients list

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office

Today, we’ll see how to consult your list of clients and leads. 

It’s really easy.

In your back office, go to the menu Clients

Once your shop is published, you’ll find 2 tabs

A Clients tab and a Leads tab

In the Clients tab, you’ll find the list of all your clients, meaning users who finalized at least one purchase in your shop.

You can find here several useful information to manage your client base. 
- Client ID which is a unique ID assigned to each of your clients or leads when creating their account on your shop.
- Name and email of the client
- Information on their last order
- The last acquisition channel of the client
- Their total spent

At the top of the screen, you’ll find a shortcut to send a push notification to all or part of your clients

Finally, by clicking on one of the clients, you access their detailed file with
- Their contact details - Which you can manually edit from your back office, except the email address. To do this, click on the “pen” icon next to the title “Contact”
- Their billing and shipping address. You can modify both of these default email address by clicking on “change default address”. If your client provided more than one address, you will be able to choose the one to use by default.
- Note on the client. This is a free text field that allows you to add notes on that client. Notes only visible in the back office.
- Their statistics: the info displayed here are about their purchasing behavior:
      - Total number of orders
      - Purchase frequency 
      - Average cart
      - Orders total spent 
- Their order history - which is the list of all the orders placed by this client including the date, number, amount and source of the order.

This is for the Clients part

Now let’s look at the Leads part.

Here you will find the list of your leads, meaning users who created an account on your shop but haven’t finalized a purchase yet. 
Since leads haven’t made a purchase yet, it’s normal for the fields to be empty. Only the email address will appear as it is mandatory to create an account. If they provided their name when creating the account, it will show as well.

You’ll find the same features and information as on the Clients tab. 

Voila, you now know how to consult the list of your clients and leads. 

See you soon for another tutorial !

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