How to switch payments in live mode / test mode

Hello and welcome to GoodBarber back office 

Today we’ll learn how to set up payments in your shop in test mode.
Once you’ve at least set up one payment gateway, you will have the option to switch payments in your shop in test mode or live mode. 

This choice is global and applies to all payment gateways connected to your shop.

Let’s go to the menu Setting > Payments

The payment Gateway “Quick testing gateway” is designed to only work in test mode. 
Its a first option to test your payment process

For the other Gateways Stripe and Paypal, we’ve already covered their test mode.

Once at least one payment gateway has been configured a button will appear at the top of the page. It allows you to switch all your gateways from test mode to live mode in one click

This is a very useful option to double check everything is correctly set 
in Live mode so your bank account is credited for each order. 
In test mode to test all the different clients journey possible during checkout 

You now know how to configure your payment gateways in test mode!

See you soon for another tutorial ! 

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