How to set up shipping zones

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Today, we’re going to cover the shipping of your products. 

As an e-merchant, controlling and billing the costs associated with getting your products to your clients is important. Also, a good configuration of the calculation of shipping costs is essential to optimize the profitability of your shop.

Let’s do it together
First, go to the menu Settings > shipping 

This is where you’ll set up the shipping options and their rates. 

First, you’ll find the address of your shop, you can change it if needed.. It’s used to calculated taxes and for the option ‘in-store pick-up” 
The in-store pick up allows your clients to pay for their purchase in your app and pick them up directly in your store. If you want to offer this option, simply enable it and select the distance radius. 

Let’s move on to the Shipping zones. 

A shipping zone is a geographical area where a number of shipping methods are offered. 
They will be offered to your clients according to their address.

To add a shipping zone, click on “add shipping zone”
Enter the name of the zone, for me it’s Europe

I select and add the countries I want to include in this zone.


Now I need to select how my shipping rate will be calculated.
According to the price or to the weight of my products.

In both cases, the process is the same

For my shop, it will be according to the price.

Click to add a rate

Enter here a name (for example the carrier’s name), estimated delivery time, order minimum and maximum amount if necessary, shipping rate and the minimum amount necessary for free shipping. 

I’m creating now additional rates for my “Europe” zone
I can create as many as I want

I’m also creating another zone for the United States
You can see here that you can narrow down your shipping rates according to the States. 

Last thing, I’m creating a shipping zone for all the other countries not already included in my shipping zones. 

For that, I add a new zone and I select “rest of the world”

That’s it, I’ve set all my shipping zones. So, to recap :
I have created 3 shipping zones:
Europe zone: it includes all European countries
USA zone: it includes all the US States
And Rest of the world

A client in France will have access to the rates associated with the Europe Zone
A client in New York, to the rates int he USA zone
And Finally a client in Tokyo, to the rates associated with the Rest of the World zone. 

You now know how to set your shipping zones and their shipping rates

See you soon for another tutorial

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