How to set up taxes

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office

Today we’re going to address a serious subject: setting up the taxes for your shop.

You are about to sell products through your shop, so you’ll most likely be subject to sales taxes which you’ll have to charge your clients, then payback to the state.
The regulations concerning market taxes are complex and subject to frequent changes. GoodBarber uses the TaxJar service which automatically manages and updates the sales tax calculation according to the geographic areas of your buyers.

Let’s go to the Menu Settings > taxes

First, you will:
- Choose to display the price of your products, with or without tax. If this option is enabled, prices presented to the clients will be displayed all taxes included. If the option is disabled, prices will be displayed without tax and the tax will only be included in the payment details. 
- Manage taxes according to the products you sell.

I’m only going to manage taxes depending on the shipping countries I offer. 
Taxes are automatically calculated by TaxJar according to the shop address and the shipping address. However, you can manually edit the amounts.

You can see here the list of countries I have selected as Shipping zones for my shop. I added the video on shipping zone in the info bar ;)

You see, taxes are automatically calculated by TaxJar according to the countries. 

For certain destinations like the United States, different taxes are applied according to administrative subdivision (states, provinces, regions, etc)
Simply click on this arrow to display them 

You might have to manage taxes manually if a country is not managed by TaxJar or if you want to applied a different tax (don’t forget to first check with a professional). 

To change a tax rate, you only need to hover the line and enter the new rate in the field “custom tax rate” this custom tax rate will always be applied in priority over the automatic tax rate. 

Don’t forget t save and that’s it! All done. 

You now know how to set up your shop taxes!

See you soon for another tutoria