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50+ Exceptional designs for your App

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Choose among 50+ exceptional designs to create your Beautiful App. Elaborated by our experienced designers, they will make your contents shine. Use GoodBarber’s intuitive interface to customize them and make a dent in the App universe.

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Notifications… targeted at their best

Push the right notification to the right user

GoodBarber's targeting tool lets you filter your users by country, city, language, loyalty and device. No better way for tightening the link with your audience.

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Unify your web presence

Put all your content at their fingertips

37 connectors (and counting) to retrieve your articles, photos, videos, events, sounds, tweets, … you get the idea :) Create content sections in your App by mixing sources in order to deliver the best message to your users.

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  • 37 connectors
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Discover who your users are. Group them by country, city, language. Get to know how powerful they are in social networks and fuse with your users. Maybe you'll find your best ambassador :)

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The GoodBarber team helps you to create your Beautiful App. Reach us anytime, we will train you to become the perfect App Ninja.