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Simplicity and Power combined

At GoodBarber, every decision is made to provide you with the best app builder possible. We believe in simplicity without sacrificing power. Take advantage of our unique approach to create your app!

  • Intuitive app creation interface
  • 190+ Extensions to enhance your app
  • Stunning templates for great app UX
  • Awesome support for app creators
  • Native apps for iOS and Android
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GoodBarber makes it easy for anyone to create perfect native iOS and Android apps.


eCommerce app

Boost sales, conversions and loyalty with a mobile store.

Create your store


Monetize content with a subscription-based app for exclusive access.

Expand your business


Optimize bookings and appointments effortlessly.

Manage appointments

Newspaper app

Engage readers with real-time news and rich media.

Reach readers

Online courses app

Expand eLearning with anytime, anywhere mobile access.

Share knowledge

Tourism app

Guide tourists with travel tips and local attractions.

Create travel guide

Content creators app

Empower bloggers, publishers and influencers with a mobile solution.

Engage your audience

Custom app

Create a tailored app to meet your specific needs.

Build a unique app

The best no-code app creation solution

Build the perfect app for your business and boost its success!

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How easy is it?

Creating your app with GoodBarber is as simple as 1-2-3. We’ve designed our process to be intuitive and enjoyable.

Your app, ready in no time!

  1. Add your content

    Use our intuitive editor to manage app content. Connect your content sources or create it with our integrated CMS.

  2. Customize your design

    Inject your brand identity through easy app design customization.

  3. Pick enhanced features

    Choose from our extensive library of extensions to add powerful functionalities.

  4. Preview and publish

    Test your app on various devices and publish it to app stores with one click.

Add powerful features at any time with our extensions library to meet your app's evolving needs.

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Icon of the Membership extension


Generate revenues

Icon of the Authentication extension


Authorize access

Icon of the Wordpress extension


Share your content

Icon of the ChatGPT extension


Power with AI

Icon of the AI assistant extension

AI Assistant

Simplify creation

Icon of the Apple Pay extension

Apple Pay

Simplify payments

Icon of the Stripe extension


Payment methods

Icon of the CMS extension


Streamlined content

Icon of the AdMob extension

Google Admob

Monetize with Ads

Icon of the YouTube extension


Video integration

Icon of the Spotify extension


for podcasters

Icon of the Zapier extension


Automated integrations

Icon of the Booking extension

Appoitment Booking

Schedule Management

Icon of the RSS extension


Content Sync

Intelligent color palette extension icon

Genius Palette

AI-Crafted colors

Icon of the Squarespace extension


Connect your content

Unlock infinite possibilities with our extensions

Enhance your GoodBarber app with a wide range of extensions designed to meet all your needs. Integrate content, streamline workflows, add features and connect with external services using third-party API integration effortlessly.

To go further and develop your own features, or sync external databases to customize your GoodBarber app, check the advanced developer tools.

Explore Extensions

Fast and beautiful native apps

Create stunning , high-performing apps using the latest technologies from Apple and Google. With GoodBarber, you get real native app: secure, fast, smooth and visually appealing.

Experience the excellence of GoodBarber's true native apps, better than any alternative.

Apple brand and Swift language logos

iOS Apps

Developed in Swift for an unmatched user experience, fully integrated with the iOS ecosystem.

Android brand and Kotlin language logos

Android Apps

Crafted in Kotlin, delivering top-tier performance and support from Google.

Stylish design components for customizable, pre-built app templates.

Beautiful templates for perfect apps

At GoodBarber, we love design. Our customizable templates, backed by rigorous design rules, ensure an impeccable design across all devices.

  • Our templates are crafted by professional designers
  • You can easily customize themes, colors, fonts and more
  • Our Design System ensures high quality and consistency

With GoodBarber, you can easily create a stunning, unique app.

Explore our Design System

Boost your SEO with a PWA

Enhance your app’s reach with a web version using GoodBarber’s all-in-one interface, creating PWA, Android, and iOS apps in one go.

SEO graph with magnifying glass icon


Our Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are SEO-optimized, attracting organic traffic with fast loading and excellent accessibility.

Snippet icon for rich snippets

Rich Snippets Integration

Boost your visibility with rich snippets, providing enhanced search results that improve click-through rates and SEO performance.

Devices icon showing responsive design

Responsive Power

Progressive Web Apps offer remarkable flexibility, seamlessly adapting to all screens and devices.

Discover PWA’s magic

Frequently Asked Questions

All the help you need to build your app with GoodBarber

With GoodBarber, you’ll never be alone

Get help with our no-code app builder through our Online Help section, Video Tutorials, or by contacting our Awesome Support Team for personalized assistance.

Explore our FAQs
Can I try GoodBarber for free ?
Yes, you can experience the full power of GoodBarber for 30 days at no cost. During your free trial, you will have access to all features and tools available in our platform, allowing you to fully explore and test its capabilities. Best of all, no credit card is required to start your trial.You can test GoodBarber for 30 days for free. Credit card is not required.
What’s a native app?
A Native app is an app built with the native language of the device on which it will be installed. The app is fast, smooth and delivers outstanding user experience. The GoodBarber iOS and Android apps are 100% native.
What is a PWA?
A Progressive Web App operates within a browser. It combines the best of web concepts and mobile apps. GoodBarber generates Progressive Web Apps with Angular JS 4.0. On mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop, they offer a one-of-a-kind user experience.
What is an app builder?
An app builder is an online software tool that allows everyone to create and publish apps for mobile devices without code development. GoodBarber is a no-code app builder that lets you design, build, and launch iOS and Android apps easily.
Who should go for an app builder?
App builders are ideal for entrepreneurs, small businesses, agencies and individuals who want to create a mobile app without the high costs and technical skills required for custom app development. GoodBarber is perfect for anyone looking to quickly and affordably build professional-quality apps.
What are the top advantages of using an app builder?
Using an app builder like GoodBarber offers several advantages: cost-effectiveness, ease of use, no need for coding skills, quick development time, and access to a variety of pre-built features and templates. It allows you to focus on your business while we handle the technical aspects.
Do I need to build 3 different apps: PWA, Android, iOS?
No, you don’t. Thanks to GoodBarber management interface, the back office, you can create your PWA and Native iOS & Android apps from one single tool.
How long does it take to create my app?
A few hours thanks to the templates, images, content and other elements ready at your disposal with GoodBarber. It may take longer if you decide to explore the tool further and explore the infinite customization possibilities it offers.
How long does it take for my app to be online?
For a Play Store publication, you can count on about 24 hours. The iOS version of your app is built and published by us, under your Apple developer account. In order to ensure that your project complies with the App Store guidelines, our teams run a thorough review of your app before getting started with the submission process. This step, which is mandatory before submitting to the App Store, requires human intervention. We are committed to carrying out this step within 72 business hours. Apple may take several days to review your application and publish it in the App Store. Your PWA will be accessible from your domain name just a few hours after its been set up.
How can I make money with my app?
There are several ways to make money from your app.
  • Advertising: You can display advertising within your content app, either through an external ad network or by using our internal ad server.
  • Subscriptions: you can monetize your content with our Memberships extension. It allows you to offer premium content reserved to members who purchased one of your subscription packages. You’re in total control and set up the subscription rules that fits your business best.
  • Paid app: You can also publish a paid app on the App Store and the Play Store. GoodBarber takes no commission on the revenue generated from your app.
  • Sell products: with our eCommerce solutions, you can sell your products online, locally or worldwide. Perfect for grocery stores, restaurants, retailers and much more, you’ll easily generate revenues thanks to several online payment options as well as offline options.GoodBarber takes no commission on the revenue generated from your app.
Does my app function offline?
Yes, the native app as well as the PWA. Upon first launching the app, the content is cached, thus allowing later usage offline. The native app relies on iOS or Android’s SDK features while the PWA relies on the service worker set up in the browser. PWA's work offline in all browsers except for Safari.
Can I set up a domain name for my web app?
Yes, all domain extensions are managed. You can assign a domain name to your PWA and your users will thus access it through the URL of your choice.
Should the PWA replace my website?

This is a good question, and for us the answer is yes without hesitation.
Today the web is 80% visited via mobile browsers, so it is imperative to offer a perfect user experience.
It's thanks to their speed, reliability and fluidity that native apps have managed to capture 92% of the mobile audience. With Progressive Web Apps, the user experience on the web rises to the level of native UX.

It is no longer a question here of building a website which will then be adapted on mobile. Everything is created so that the experience is as perfect on mobile as on desktop. PWAs combine the visibility offered by a website since they are referenced on the search engines, and user commitment because they have the advantage of being installable on the home screen of users' devices. Resolutely, PWAs are the future of the web.

Are there user limitations I should know about?
Several GoodBarber apps have over a million users. Our technical infrastructure is equipped to support a high amount of traffic. There is no limit to the number of users who can browse your app. Plus, each app is granted 50 Gigas of storage, which is well above what is needed on average.
Can I become a reseller with GoodBarber?
Yes, GoodBarber offers a reseller program that allows you to build and manage multiple apps for your clients. You get access to all the features and tools available on our platform, along with special pricing and dedicated support to help you grow your business.
Is there any training available for new users?
Yes, GoodBarber provides comprehensive training resources for new users, including video tutorials, user guides, and access to our support team to help you get started and make the most of our platform.
  • Travel app example showcasing destinations
  • App designed for women's health and lifestyle
  • Skill development app with interactive features
  • eLearning app featuring online courses and resources
  • Festival app with event schedules and updates
  • Grocery app for easy shopping and delivery

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See how businesses thrive with apps built on GoodBarber. Explore our and boost your growth and engagement.

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