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    Native apps and Progressive Web App builder for eCommerce and Content Management

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    The most powerful App Builder to create iOS, Android apps and PWAs


    Use the best technology to create your shopping app

    E-commerce is now carried out on mobile phones. Providing an impeccable shopping experience on smartphones has become an essential requirement for doing business online. To date, only native apps and progressive web apps make it possible to offer the best user experience to shop on your phone. GoodBarber allows you to design an eCommerce app with the most advanced mobile technologies. Stop looking for ways to create a mobile shopping app, start now.

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    Build an app and offer your audience a quality user experience

    You are a content editor, community manager or local business manager, you know that your message must be accessible from several channels to reach your audience. With GoodBarber, no matter what type of content you want to deliver, your readers will access it from a native mobile app for iOS and Android, or from a Progressive Web App from their desktop, tablet or smartphone. If you are looking for how to create a mobile app, test GoodBarber now.

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    GoodBarber. Mobile app builder

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    Publish your app on the App Store, Google Play and the Web


    App Store and Google Play

    GoodBarber allows you to create a native app. A native app is designed in a technology specific to the phone on which it is installed. Native apps for iPhone and iPad are distributed through Apple's App Store. Native apps for Android phones are distributed via Google Play. Once published in the Stores, your native app has many advantages: visibility via ASO and notoriety thanks to user comments and ratings.

    100% native app available on

    PWA: On the Web

    GoodBarber allows you to create a Progressive Web App. A PWA is a web application designed to work optimally on any device: mobile, tablet and desktop. Access to your PWA is from any web browser, from a simple URL. Progressive Web Apps offer advanced features such as offline mode or push notifications. They are the future of the web.

    Progressive App fully responsive

    What are the advantages of using an App Builder ?

    Financially advantageous, powerful and always up to date.

    If you have already tried to answer the question "How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?", you have seen the many factors that need to be taken into account to get a good estimate. With an app builder like GoodBarber, the equation becomes simple. You take out a single subscription and you get, for a cost 20 times lower than a service invoiced by a development studio:

    1. 1
      An iOS native app, developed in Objective-C
    2. 2
      An Android native app, developed in Java
    3. 3
      A progressive web app compatible with all web browsers, developed in Angular
    4. 4
      A single Drag and Drop management interface, the back office, to create your app without technical knowledge
    5. 5
      A powerful and optimized app for all devices and screen sizes
    6. 6
      An app always up to date, which follows the permanent evolutions of iOS, Android and the web
    7. 7
      Unlimited assistance
    8. 8
      A team that ensures that the architecture used to run your app runs smoothly on a daily basis

    The major advantage of a No Code App Builder is the pooling of resources. By industrializing the creation process, GoodBarber can significantly reduce the cost of owning an app. And, with more than 40 million apps downloaded each year, GoodBarber receives ongoing feedback to maintain the quality, performance and robustness of its apps at the highest level.

    Create an app

    Starting as low as $25/month
    Free 30-days trial

    500 + features to build your app

    Simply. Without a single line of code


    Push notifications

    The most direct way to interact with your users and the fastest way to get them back to your app



    Content manager. Create text, images, video, sound (and more) directly from your backoffice and organize your content without difficulty: articles, videos, photos, podcasts, events,...



    User Generated Content. Solicit your audience to participate in the development of content in your app. From their phones, they send you photos, videos or articles



    Open a chat channel between your users. A simple chat for thousands of conversations for an ever more lively and attractive app


    One-click payment

    It has never been easier to buy a product in your eCommerce app. Activate Apple Pay, Pay Pal for a seamless checkout process


    Permanent Cart

    Your eMerchant memory becomes infallible. Each visitor to your online shop has a cart containing the products collected during their visits, until checkout.


    Auto Login

    What could be more frustrating, when shopping online, than having to log in at each visit. In your eCommerce app, known customers are automatically recognized. Login is instant and automatic


    Universal links

    Each page of your app has a URL. All pages are accessible from a search engine. If the app is installed on the phone, a click on a search result triggers the opening of the app directly on the expected page


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