A GoodBarber Christmas #GBXmas


Hello GoodBarbers!

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? 

Our team got started really early this year to imagine fun surprises and make sure they are ready come December 1st. So, what is in store this Holiday season?

First, head to our Facebook page and discover our Beautiful Christmas by GoodBarber Advent Calendar  which should keep you entertained until Christmas and which will, with a little bit of luck, bring you lovely presents under the tree! 
The merrymaking doesn't stop here. Another present is awaiting. A clue? It can almost magically appear into your phone ;) 

We’ll also be unveiling goodies every week which you’ll find on our blog and Pinterest !

Finally, we’ll keep you posted on our Christmas plans because, after all the hard work, you can be certain that we are also looking forward for a little Christmas fun around the office ;)