A new way to manage the icons of your apps


We recently released new Material icons to update the design of your app. To take this design update even further, you can now customize certain icons directly from the editing panel of your app without having to use the advanced edition extension.
All can be done from a single panel. You are now able to modify in one go all the icons of your app. 

Note: this feature is available on Content Apps only.
In the menu General Design > Element style, scroll down to app icons. 
Here you'll find a library of main icons to use in your app.

Click on the icon you would like to change, it will open the icon page where you can select the one that fits your brand among 3 sets: Material icons, generic set 1, and generic set 2.
This new icon will be applied everywhere in the app where it's used.  For example, if you modify the favorites icon in this panel, it will be automatically modified in all the views where it is used.