Agency Spotlight: Visual Apps boosts small businesses digital marketing


Pictures by Ruiz Picasso and Franck Tourneret

Pictures by Ruiz Picasso and Franck Tourneret

Visual Apps is a mobile marketing agency working mainly in the Occitan region in France. Chan and his team are helping businesses and associations in the region increase their mobile audience. In March 2020, during the 1st lockdown, Visual Apps launched a solidarity initiative, offering its services free of charge to companies in difficulty.

​Can you introduce us to your agency?

Visual Apps is based in the heart of Aveyron in the Occitan region in France. Our agency offers services all related to mobile digital marketing.

We had initially created an app for our restaurant with another app builder but we were not satisfied. It was while looking at other app builders that we discovered GoodBarber.  We first invested time and resources to study the platform and master the CMS. And our choice naturally turned to the platform for its design and functionality.

The opportunity to become a reseller then presented itself.

After creating other apps with the platform, we launched our startup composed of 4 people including my wife in June 2017. Unfortunately at the same time, Apple introduced rule 4.2.6 in the App Store guidelines. This rule is for users of app generators such as GoodBarber. And it was only in December 2017 that Apple updated the wording of rule 4.2.6 to provide clarification .

The situation stopped our core business to offer iOS native apps to our clients. Our partners left us along the way but we decided to continue working on Visual Apps with my wife. 

We don’t regret having persevered because since then, our agency has carried more than 50 apps projects all channels combined, all created with the GoodBarber platform.

​What kind of services do you offer?

We have chosen to offer services related to mobile digital marketing from the very beginning. Mobile applications on iOS, Android and PWA.

We remain transparent on the use of a platform for the development of our mobile apps, as this is what allows us to be competitively priced and reactive. 

We have worked with our partners and clients to design custom apps to meet their specific needs.

We also offer apps promotion tools such as video and print. Today we’re moving towards online advertising and the creation of digital workshops always focused on mobile and digital.

​Which of your apps has been the most successful?

Several apps have been very successful since the launch of our agency: Also an app that’s important to us: the SisMiC app
SisMiC (Sud Macif Central) is an association created in 2010 to ensure the development of digital technologies in rural territories, of which I recently took over the presidency.

​How do you feel about the evolution of mobile use in the near future?

The 5G network technology, all in the immersive screen, the reflex features of the smartphone, the battery life and the fact that it tends to replace the laptop, all these technologies are inexorably and rapidly changing the use of the mobile.

​Which GoodBarber features do you like the most?

GoodBarber offers many features that adapt to each project. The features I like the most: 
  • PWA technology, a very good compromise between websites and mobile apps.
  • A single content management interface for all our partners and clients
  • A constantly updated app on the 3 distribution channels: Web, iOS and Android
  • The new eCommerce features: online payment, scheduled in-store pick-up, local deliveries essential in the context of the health crisis.

​What action have you implemented during the 1st lockdown (March-April 2020)?

The IN&S project (Initiative Numérique & Solidaire) supports SMEs, craftsmen, merchants and self-employed to maintain an activity in times of crisis and to face our future. It’s an action that Visual Apps could never have implemented without the GoodBarber platform, its new e-commerce features and our reseller status (non-exclusive).

We would like to mention the unconditional support for this project of the company Licornecom , of Cassiopée , the association of the merchants of Grand Rodez and of 12ème Sens , the federation of the associations of the merchants of Aveyron.