An All-New Design for Your Events; Cleaner and More Elegant!


Today I want to show you all another great update that came with GoodBarber 3!

Are you organizing the event of the year? An important art exhibit, a concert or an opening ceremony for your business? If so then keep reading because this is the right article for you!

An event of any kind gives you the great opportunity to have direct and personal contact with your audience. To ensure that your event will be a success you have to plan it very accurately down to the last detail, from the promotional aspects all the way to the logistical ones.

An app can be a great tool to promote an event

One of the main advantages of an app is that it allows you to interact with your public on a more personal level. You can notify them in real time of anything new that comes up regarding the event, and this creates an atmosphere of expectation. With an app you can also keep them involved during and after the event. We already wrote an article about how to create the perfect app for an event, where we mentioned that the section that will contain the program of the event will be the most visited, it is therefore very important that this section has an impeccable design that makes it clear and easy to understand.

Remember that the program is like a sort of "business card" that will give your audience a first impression of your event.

This is why we decided to take the design of the event sections a bit further. In this article I will show you the main updates we made in the backoffice to make it easier for you to create spectacular event sections, and to make the app much more inviting for your users.

Here's what's new for you:

1. First of all we completely redesigned your workplace in the backend, making it much simpler and more intuitive! We categorized all the various personalization possibilities in different categories so you can work on this section step by step, without getting confused.
2. As always, every detail of the design can be customized. You can modify each graphic aspect, like the background colors, the text, the font, the icons etc... We offer a default design according to the template you have chosen, but of course you can change everything to meet your specific needs.
3. In addition to seeing the events in the preview, you can now also see the whole list in the Content section of your back office, this way you have more control over your content. You can also manually update the synchronization with your external source.

The best part of all: here's what's changed for your users:

1. As we already mentioned, we've improved the design following the same logic that we used for the backend, everything is cleaner and more elegant. Instead of cramming too much information onto the main page of this section, we just put a list of the dates of the events. This way users can browse through them and directly choose a certain day, and with just one touch they can then access all the details of that specific event.
2. You've found a fantastic photo that describes your event perfectly? Great! We draw attention to it by giving more space to the images, we all know a picture is worth a thousand words and they will captivate your audience far more than any other aspect of the design.

3. Now, the section is also more responsive. Just by touching the photo of the event with a finger, the user can access the details of the event, such as the description and the map. The app is connected with the integrated navigator app of the device, this way the user can find where the event takes place without problems!

4. The design is also optimized for every kind of device! The iPad version uses the bigger screen to display more information, both in the landscape or portrait mode you can see the list of dates and the details of a chosen event.
It's completely up to you to make the most of all the possibilities this section offers. As an inspiration, you can check out this unique app created for the International Exposition of Creative Arts of Santander:

Maf2014: An Ancient Art Meets New Tecnology