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Back in town


Hi there !

My name is Méryl and I just joined the GoodBarber’s team.

Graduated from an Advertising and Communication school in Paris named ISCOM, I got a job at Kassius’s agency (WPP group) after my final internship. I was Digital Project Manager in this agency during one year and a half.

After this job, I decided to realise my dream and go to the american west coast to learn english, discover California and see the Silicon Valley ;)


When I came back from San Francisco, Jerome contacted me for an interview and here I am ! Back in town wasn’t my first project but finally, I have been seduced by the GoodBarber’s team and after 7 years away I wanted to come back in my hometown.

What am I doing at GoodBarber ?

I’m here to join the marketing team and work on the international communication strategy.

What else ?

Geekette, travelette and young photographer, I spend a lot of my time on Tumblr , Instagram and Pinterest . Taking and sharing pictures is one of my big habit with travelling of course.
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