Check out the GoodBarber YouTube channel!


Did you know GoodBarber has a YouTube channel? For anyone looking for more visual and interactive help with creating their app than what our backend documentation offers, or for those who just want to know what the platform is like before giving it a go, our YouTube channel might be a good spot for you to consider checking out. 

Most of the videos are in English or French, but there are some Spanish ones mixed in there as well. Feel free to turn on the YouTube subtitle functionality if you need any language assistance. 

What's inside?


We offer several step by step instructional videos on how to achieve various looks or functionalities in your GoodBarber app. For example, wondering how to set up your app's Home page? Wondering what you can do with the API settings? There are tutorials available for this. 


For very in-depth explanations and visual walkthroughs of some of the most important aspects of the GoodBarber platform, take the time to go through one of our webinars. Q&A sessions are also included at the end to answer GB users' most common questions. 

Beautiful App Inspiration

If you need some creative inspiration for your app or are just wondering what other users have managed to do with the GoodBarber platform, check out some of the most beautiful apps that we've showcased and give some of their ideas a try in your own project. 

Mobile App Development FAQ

These videos are short and sweet , just enough to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the mobile app industry. 

Push Your App Podcast

For the Spanish speakers out there, give some of our podcasts a try that cover some of the hottest topics in the mobile industry —from marketing tips, to making money with your app, to sales advice, this podcast was very popular amongst our Spanish speaking community. 

Want more?

Haven't found what you're looking for? Is there a topic you're dying to see a tutorial on or hear some expert advice on? Feel free to drop a comment with your suggestions and we will gladly take them into consideration.