Cyber Monday - How to stand out with your Shopping App

Written by on Wednesday, November 20th 2019

Cyber Monday - How to stand out with your Shopping App
Cyber Monday, which celebrates its 14th anniversary this year, is the biggest day for online shopping and it’s right around the corner. 
What used to be a day for tech and electronics is now for every eCommerce and is part of a weekend (BFCM) which marks the start of the Holiday shopping season 
Mobile continues to prove itself as a critical channel for engaging holiday shoppers. In 2018, from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, the US recorded its highest online sales ever: $7.9 billion in e-commerce revenue over the weekend: 54% visits and 35% of that revenue came from mobile devices.
So how do you stand out in the crowd and compete with the big deals from the big brands ?
Think mobile first. If you are just starting as an ecommerce with your GoodBarber Shopping, it is a great time to make your entrance on the market as more and more customers are turning to their mobile to complete their holiday shopping.
Your Shopping App gives you an edge on other retailers. Retailers who have a Shopping App register 3X more conversions than their website. 

1. Push notifications

 One of the best marketing tools available thanks to the native functionalities of your Shopping App.  52% of smartphone users have push enabled on their devices, and these notifications can be used to benefit your business. 
Indeed, clients email inboxes will be flooded with offers from different shops over the holiday weekend, don’t get lost in it. Even though a lot of notifications will be sent, you have more chance of the notification to be opened (notifications are open twice more than emails and the links are clicked 7X more than in an email). Here’s a few tips on push notifications:
  • Users receive a multitude of push notifications over the weekend (106 million SMS and push send in 2018), so you only have a few seconds to grab your user’s attention and convince them to tap your push notification.Don’t overcomplicate your messaging. More text means a smaller chance of users clicking on it.
  • As a rule of thumb — push notifications should be around 60–90 characters for Android, and less than 120 characters for iOS.
  • Get your users ready by sending notifications in the days leading to Cyber Monday (start your wishlist, you don’t want to forget grandma)
  • Keep it easy, simple but catchy at the same time. Use of emoji for exemple. 
  • Personalisation is key
  • Timing is crucial . Send the right message and the right time and  if you are selling internationally don’t forget time zones. 
  • Target the right audience: with your GoodBarber Shopping App you can target exactly the clients or leads you want to reach with special offers.
Cyber Monday - How to stand out with your Shopping App

​2. Reward your loyal customers

 This is the best time to reward your loyal customers by offering them special discounts.
From your GoodBarber Shopping App, you can create discounts targeting your loyal clients only. For example you can offer them an additional discounts on top of your sales prices. Or an early access to the Sales Collection with an Early Bird discount code. Create a sense of urgency by limiting the offer in time. You will be able to track your campaigns from the app back office. 
Customers love limited-edition products. You can offer your loyal base a collection of product available only on Cyber Monday. It will help create a sense of community amongst your clients and build a stronger relationship with your shop. 

3.​ App speed

According to Google , a page loading in 5s on mobile, has a bounce rate of 90% compared to a page loading in 1s. Your GoodBarber Shopping App is optimized to offer your clients a fast and fluid navigation everytime they use the app.  We went even further and boosted each product page by using AMP technology supported by Google. Your clients can browse your catalog faster and generate more sales opportunities. 

4. ​Boost your SEO

 Optimize all content for search engine: research product niche event keywords and terms. These may be different from the rest of the year. Ensure meta description include target keywords. Meta description should entice your clients to click by mentioning things like free shipping for exemple (instant gratification) and/or hassle free returns .
With GoodBarber Shopping App, each product page is indexed and the meta description can be customized for each product.

5. Design

Cyber Monday - How to stand out with your Shopping App
 Dedicate a Collection of your Shopping App to Cyber Monday Sales: Big discounts, cyber exclusive offer, special product only available on this day .
We recommend to organize your product by price range. Since this weekend start the Holiday Shopping season clients will have a budget and know what they want to spend. They don’t want to waste time looking through the entire catalog to find the products at the right price for them. 
With your GoodBarber Shopping App,  you can use the similar products feature as a gift guide for exemple. You can decide which product to want to highlight for this particular day. This is a great way to increase the average cart value and boosts your sales.

By following the tips above, you will be able to create deals and incentives that will drive sales your way. 
Prepare yourself and give time your shoppers to get excited about your offers. 
And remember, while Cyber Monday could be a massive day for your shop, it’s also the start of the holiday spending season. You still have a whole month of big shopping and sales opportunities for your Shopping App ahead of you.
In the end, you’ll want to build a shop that your client’s want to shop at all the time—not just during the craze of Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

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