Friday Talk: Behind the scene, how new features are added in GoodBarber?


Hello GoodBarbers, so today it's the come back of Jérôme in the Friday Talk and we're going to talk about what's happening behind the scene and how new features are added in GoodBarber.

How new features are added in GoodBarber?

It's a 3 steps process:
1- We work with designers and product managers
2- Developpers code the feature
3- Beta testers give their feedback

How does it start?

It always start with an idea.
The inspiration for this idea comes from many inputs. It can be a user feedback, a trend, an envy, etc. When you are surrounded with passionnated people getting good ideas, it's not really a probelm ;)

So ok, we have an idea, what's next?

Well, in every project the idea represents only 5% of the work to be done.
When you have the idea, you're ready to start working. In each project we make, we always design first what we want to do.
For big new features, we need to split the design process in 2 parts:
- First, we draw on a notebook or a blackboard every screen of the new feature. In this phase, we focus on the user interface. Creating mockups does the job very well.
- Next, when we have the mockups for every page, our designers create screenshots. They produce in photoshop the exact copy of what will be displayed on user's phones once the project is completed. In this phase we choose the look and feel and we work on all the tiny details that will make the feature look great and fun to use.

What's the benefit of doing the design first?

Working on the final result first, even if we get still images after this step, is much more efficient than a litteral description.
Images are better than words. But, moreover, it helps us make the right decision before we spend a lot of time developing the feature.

Ok, now we have design, but it's not finished yet. What's the next step?

Next, developpers grab they keyboards and give birth to the feature.
But, before they start coding, there is always a discussion between product managers, designers and the engineering team.
During this discution, the engineering team give its input and most of the time we improve even more the feature.

Great, and when do you decide to push the feature to the users?

Before releasing the new feature, we test it with the whole team, then with a pool of beta testers
This is the reason why you can see sometimes in the backend, the label "Beta" on a menu. 
When everything is tested, it goes live and it's available to everybody.

My last question for you, when the next big feature will be released?

There is a big package in the pipe right now. Before the end of the month, users will have plenty of new cool features!

Did you hear that guys? Stay tuned, a big thing is coming at GoodBarber!