From the Football Player to the Fan... A Relationship Built Through an App


What I love most about the support service of GoodBarber is the personal relationship that they build with the clients. It's difficult to get past the barrier of internet to allow a personal, almost face to face communication. But from the feedback of our many users, I believe we successfully manage to overcome the distance.

I'm so happy and proud to have been contacted by one of our clients who wanted to share the success of his app with us.
 The winner, Corentiin Essergue

The winner, Corentiin Essergue

Yesterday morning Mathieu Grasse, the creator of the app id'ALES(*), told me that they had the honor to host the team of Ajaccio during the French soccer cup, and that Jordi Quintilla gave them his shirt at the end of the game so that they could donate to one of the app users.

They drew a name randomly from all their users on Monday and the lucky user was Corentiin Essergue. Congrats! :)

I really want to thank Mathieu for sharing this experience with us and I would like to invite all the other GoodBarber users to do the same. We are so happy and proud of your success ;)

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