Get ready for GoodBarber 4.5 and a new level of productivity and performance


In a few days, we'll be introducing version 4.5 of GoodBarber in detail. With this new version of our product, you'll be more productive than ever.

As you know, we're in an avant-garde position with regards to Progressive Web Apps, as we were the first app builder to offer the possibility to create them. GoodBarber allows you to make Progressive Web Apps and native apps simultaneously, giving you everything you need to conquer the web and mobile world. With just one third of the time and a twentieth of the cost of classic development required, you have the opportunity to attract new visitors on any device thanks to PWA's, and to retain your users thanks to the strong levels of engagement native apps offer. 

GoodBarber version 4.5 takes you to the next level in terms of the back office, by boosting your productivity, as well as apps that are more performant than ever. 

The fastest app builder

GoodBarber is a leap forward in terms of speed. 

Our native apps, built to take advantage of the phone's power, offer an incomparable user experience and speed. Our PWA's leverage caching strategies made possible with Service Workers, making for an almost instantaneous loading time. 

Our engineers also worked on optimizing the GoodBarber back office to ensure that the constant expansion of features never gets in the way with the smooth backend experience. We've committed ourselves to optimizing the pages you use the most—with significantly reduced build times, GoodBarber 4.5 will give you a real sense of speed. 

The app builder that emphasizes design and productivity

To take you to an unmatched level of productivity, the focus was put on complete reorganization of the back office. Thanks to the user interface, the most carefully thought-out one on the market, you can create, organize, and present your content with freedom and ease.

We concentrated our efforts on a new organization of the design elements and content, allowing you to preview your work in a more intuitive way which consists of seeing a live visual of your work directly in the backend.

While GoodBarber 4.5 offers an infinite number of design options, it's never been easier to use. A new space was created that allows you to centralize your actions, and you'll find tools that will make your life easier, such as the new custom theme builder. 

Every action carried out in the backend was thought through to be as natural as possible for you, or if you're a reseller, for your clients. You'll quickly get used to constantly progressing in the GoodBarber 4.5 back office. A guide that highlights the key app creation steps allows you to get the hang of the interface even more quickly. This onboarding process is a bonus especially for GoodBarber resellers, when giving your clients the keys to the backend. 

Here is a summary of the big, new releases:
  • New custom theme builder

  • A more intuitive way to add content

  • More advanced design options

  • A new space dedicated to defining all the settings of your app 

Get ready to significantly crank up your productivity! In a few days, we'll present all the details of the new version of GoodBarber that you'll soon be able to enjoy.