GoodBarber FAQs about mobile app development #1


These are the first videos of a new series that we've just begun.
Three times a week, we'll publish a short video on our YouTube channel (if you're not already subscribed to it, you should!) to answer a question asked by our users.

Why should I create an app?

You should create an app because 
1 - your content is about to be accessed on mobile first
2 - your community can't wait for you to be on the App Store or the Play Store
3 - you need to get useful data about your leads or your customers
4 - your competitors don't have an app, or already have an app
5 - it's so easy now to create an app by yourself
There are thousands of good reason to create an app, but don't waste your time listening to all of them, start creating your app now!

How to open an Apple developer account?

To submit your application to the app store you have to open a developer account!
There are 3 things you have to know about that:
- The price of the account: 99$/year
- You have 2 choices: an individual account and a company account
- With the same account you can submit several applications

For more details follow the steps in our article “How to create an apple developer account ?”.

How to test my app on an Android phone?

So it looks like you have just built your app, retrieved your apk file and you don't manage to install it on your phone.
First, you need to go to the security settings on your phone. Under device administration,  check the box to allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store.
Second, open the apk file, and you should be able to install your app on your phone.