GoodBarber Wishes You a Merry Christmas - 2015


2015 was an eventful year for GoodBarber! We traveled to Paris , CannesFlorencePisa , TodiLas Vegas , Barcelona  and welcomed new team members from around the world in our beautiful island of Corsica...

We released exciting new features: geofencing , beacons , the scheduled push , the QR code reader , the community add-on , authentication ... We announced GoodBarber Open Product , a new development which is going to open new horizons, for us and for our users with developing skills.

We like to think that this is just the beginning of a long adventure and we hope you will be on board for 2016! But for now, it's time to celebrate and enjoy the Holiday Season! So, without further ado:

Our playlist

We hope you'll enjoy the Christmas playlist we put together. If you want to listen to it in your smartphone, it is available in our Do It Yourself Christmas App !

Wallpapers for your smartphones

You can also download festive wallpapers for your smartphone inside our app. It is available both on iOS and Android