GoodBarber x Mougli

Written by on Monday, March 30th 2015

GoodBarber x Mougli
Today, we are very happy to welcome Mougli to the GoodBarber family.

Mougli is a London based startup, specializing in providing scheduling services for SMEs. Since we first met with Gaspard & Bruno, the founders of Mougli, we knew something great would happen between our companies.

This day has arrived. Thanks to Mougli's technology, GoodBarber will be able to provide businesses with powerful booking and scheduling services inside their apps. As for Mougli's users, very soon they will be able able to offer a best-in class mobile experience to their customers.

More info about this acquisition can be found in our Press & Media page.


any update on this feature?
Thanks Arianna for the response, waiting impatiently :)))
Hi Hemang,

we didn't established a date for this feature yet. But Gaspard and Bruno are working on magic stuff for GoodBarber ;)

Does any one know when this feature will be available?

We are very excited too. The Add-Ons store is up and running as of last week, so take a look!
That's awesome! I can't wait to see what's going to come out of this partnership. I'll be watching the new add-on section very impatiently. ;)