How to activate the native YouTube player in your Android app


In last week update, we published a brand new feature allowing your users to watch YouTube videos directly from your Android app (either in articles and video sections). It uses the native YouTube player for a better user experience.

If you've already re-built your app since the update #1238, you just need to follow these steps to activate the new player. If not, follow this quick process, re-build your Android app from your GoodBarber backend, and publish an update on the store!

Process to activate the YouTube player

1. Go to and login with your Google Developer account.
2. On the top left of the screen, just below the Google logo, click on the drop down menu and select "Other projects > Open".
3. Remember when you've followed the Android compilation process! Locate the API project that you've created at the step 4, it should be named "GMap". Click on it.
4. In the left menu, select Services.
5. At the end of the list, activate the item called "YouTube Data API v3", and you're done!
Enjoy :)