Living an adventure


Hi everybody!
I’m Sara and last week I joined the GoodBarber team.
I’m graduated in Advertising and Public Relations in Barcelona, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. The first job that I had got was at Orbyce Comunicación a PR Barcelona’s agency and then I worked for HelloPlan a technological StartUp in Marketing Department.

Why Ajaccio?

Two months ago I decided that I wanted to change my life and discover new places in order to have new life experiences, and the best way to do that was working in an other country… And now I’m here in Ajaccio, living my own adventure with the GoodBarber team.

What am I doing at GoodBarber?

I’m here to join the marketing team and work on the Spanish and Latine communication strategy.

What about me?

My hobbies are: Travel everywhere, play all kind of sports, and spend a lot of time on Faceboook, Twitter and Pinterest.