Maths for kids: iOS vs Android


Today, I propose you a simple maths exercise for your kids. It will let them play with figures and discover which platform, between iOS and Android, is more popular among non developers who create apps.

It started this morning during a coffee break at the office. If you drop by one day, no doubt that you will attend passionate discussions between iOS and Android developers. Each team can argue that the platform they develop on is the best and why. But what about our users who are non-developers? Do they prefer iOS or Android?

A quick look at our database can give you the answer to this question. So, let's play with data. If you have a kid aged between 7 and 8, you can solve the following exercise with him ;)


I have 100 friends who have published an app.
89 of my friends have made an Android app.
78 of my friends have made an iOS app.

How many friends of mine have created:
- an Android app only?
- an iOS app only?
- an app for Android and for iOS?


Android only = All my friends - iOS friends = 100 - 78
Android only = 22

iOS only = All my friends - Android friends = 100 - 89
iOS only = 11

Android & iOS = All my friends - Android only - iOS only = 100 - 22 - 11
Android & iOS = 67


When people create an app :

67% create the app for both Android & iOS
22% create the app for Android only
11% create the app for iOS only