Minimal color & Minimal photo. Less is definitely more


Big news today. Since yesterday's update, revision #1900, 2 new templates have landed in your back office. They are called Minimal color & Minimal photo. They have been designed for the article section and the video section

It raises to 8 the number of templates you can choose to display a list of articles (or videos). But Minimals are a brand new kind of templates. As suggested by their name, they are sleek and simple.

Let me show you how beautiful they are. With minimal photo and minimal color, no doubt you are going to create a stunning article or video section. 

Minimal photo

Imagine you're a travel agency and your app showcases the trips you organize. Instead of using a dull list of destinations, you'd rather display engaging images. Right? Minimal photo is the perfect template to achieve this goal. 

The minimal series displays one item in the screen at a time. Users swipe left or right to browse items. There can be up to 3 elements displayed on the screen :
- The title of the item (always displayed). 
- The date (optional)
- The pager (optional)

If you use minimal photo, there will be an image in the background. This image will be taken from your article or your video.

Minimal color

The spirit is the same here, but the result is slightly different. With minimal color, instead of a picture in the background, you'll have a set of solid colors.

You can choose what elements to display among the 3 listed above. The color of the elements will be white, and the background color will change each time you swipe for a new article.

A tiny detail making a huge difference

Remember when iOS 7 when released, we were the first to add iOS 7 effects to an app builder. 

Among those effects, there is the ability to put transparency on the header.

For an optimal result when using one of the minimal templates, I recommand you use a transparent header.
This is what we did in the examples above :) That's a very up to date way to design an app, making a uncluttered, simple and elegant interface.

You users will love it!

Let us know in the comments below what do you think about the Minimal series, I am eager to reading your feedback on this new feature. I had a great time writing this post, playing around with all the options and seeing the result instantly on my app just, by publishing my changes. I'm sure you'll have a great time too.