The immersive experience of the iPhone Xs


Apple devices are constantly evolving and pushing the limits of extraordinary user experience. The end of 2017 marked a turning point in Apple smartphone design with the release of the iPhone X, because apart from incredible resolution, this new iPhone boasts an ultra-immersive screen, covering almost the entire surface of the smartphone. 

As we announced this past March, our iOS team made the necessary updates in order to allow you to offer your users apps that are totally adapted to the iPhone X screen. Giving you the option to take advantage of the latest model's Super Retina screen wasn't an option, which is why the user interface of our iOS apps has been reviewed and corrected, conforming to the documentation published by Apple

The real challenge lied in respecting the Safe Areas which allow for an optimal render and to manage particular aspects of the form and commands of the new Apple screen. 

Growing the header

The header has been enlarged, and the content moved towards the bottom in order to leave space for the Notch (or Sensor Housing, the notch at the top of the screen containing the facial recognition, speaker phone, proximity sensors, and light). This way your app can fill up the entirety of the screen without being cut off. 

Element positioning at the bottom of the screen

The elements at the bottom of the app have been repositioned so that the app doesn't interfere with the Home Indicator (the old Home button, now integrated into the screen), and so that each command of the app or iPhone stay clearly visible and accessible. 
The NavBar disappearance animation has also been modified. It now totally disappears to allow the application to propagate until each end of the screen, offering a totally immersive experience. 

Here are the major modifications allowing your apps to adapt to the iPhone X that you can already take advantage of. Don't hesitate to test your application on this type of device in order to explore the all the changes and adjustments done by our developers. 

To finish, a little glimpse of the modifications with this GoodBarber app on iPhone 8 and iPhone X: