GoodBarber’s Highly Acclaimed Apps


Mobiles Magazine regularly publishes its reference guide for the best iPhone apps. The latest issue recognizes 7 of GoodBarber’s own applications.

The magazine’s editorial staff categorized the selected applications. GoodBarber’s applications are:

- In the News category: the Groupe de Secours Catastrophe Français app (GSCF, French Disaster Relief Group, an international aid organization), I Buzz You (the blog that posts videos making a buzz on the Internet), as well as Un Simple Clic (A Simple Click, tech news)
- In Economy and Business: l’Union des Jeunes Avocats de Paris (UJA, Paris’ Union of Young Lawyers), developed by the Lexity agency
- In Education: Centre Régional Information Jeunesse (CRIJ, Regional Youth Information Center) of Upper Normandy, developed by the Pratikmedia agency
- In Sports: the Stade Rennais Online app (Rennes Stadium Online, soccer) and the Tour de Corse Historique (automobile race)

An 8th application is featured which is Corsica Ferries reservation application. It’s not a GoodBarber app, but it’s an applcation that was custom-designed by our team to meet the needs of the company. Many of our users deserve to be selected by Mobile Magazine. Hopefully in the next issue!