MWC 2012 – Day Two, Focus On Monetization


On the second day at MWC I had a little more time to converse with some exhibitors. It’s not possible to meet them all, or to describe them all (the exhibition catalog is 300 pages long!), so my visits were focused on application monetization services. I briefly describe three of the most interesting below.

The MWC this morning

The MWC this morning


Smaato is a service that helps optimize advertising revenue generated by a mobile application. Their approach is interesting: their technology is compatible with more than 80 monetization services (including adMob and MobPartner, both of which you already know). For every advertising call, their technology is responsible for showing the most relevant ad among the available offers. The concept is simple and logical.
The Smaato booth, Hall 7 (AppPlanet)


AirPush is a monetization solution that focuses 100% on Android. Through use of notification sending systems, they promise to monetize even inactive users – now that’s rare enough to be noted! The overall approach seems quite interesting and innovative and so does the promised performance.
The AirPush booth, Hall 7 (AppPlanet)


MoPub is a service similar to Smaato, but its focus is more on the American market. Technically, MoPub offers a marketplace where you can buy and sell advertising inventory: this solution should significantly increase the revenue generated by the application.
MoPub booklet

General Atmosphere

I also used the day to explore the new Android and Windows Phone devices. Tomorrow morning I’ll take some pictures of those devices, as well as the manufacturers’ booths that are competing to attract a crowd.
The Google Android booth, Hall 8