Our internet access accidentally cut off


This morning, the technicians at OVH (our internet access provider) were working on the data center switches where the GoodBarber and WMaker servers are located. An incorrect configuration was installed on these machines, triggering a bug. The result was that our internet access was immediately cut off. 
This is why all GoodBarber and WMaker users were unable to access their apps, sites, and backends for a good part of the morning. It was also impossible to send and receive emails during this outage. We were totally in the dark. 

We immediately contacted OVH as soon as the problem appeared. It was tough to identify the cause, and that's what took the most time. Once the problem was identified, resolution was quick. Everything was back in order at 1:57 PM CEST .

This outage presented an opportunity for OVH to identify improvements that can be made to their switch configuration procedure. The network technicians assured us that they were documenting a new procedure to avoid a similar problem from occurring next time they perform work on these machines.