Second day at LeRadio in Paris


Since this morning, we have met a lot of people. Each time, they give us great ideas to improve GoodBarber.
If it's true that we are not experts of the radio ecosystem, there are great chance that will become killers and the end of Le Radio!

Just one evidence: we are "nominé" for the On'R awards. 

Here are some pictures of Le Radio :)
Philippe Chapot, our friend and host of Le Radio.
This journalist is located next to out booth. Today, when he was uploading his podcasts on his website I went to see him because I recognize the backend of WMaker, one of our product. 

I was very thrilled to see live one of my users! I discovered that during Le Radio, some interviews are recorded and published on
Some technical stuff. The kind of hardware we are not used to see at GoodBarber :)