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The Tourist in Paris: a Tourism App for Paris lovers


Today we are showcasing an app that will take you to "The City of Light". The Tourist in Paris decided to go mobile upon realizing that most of their readership was actually using them on the go. A responsive website wasn’t enough, so they decided to go for a Beautiful App with a fun user experience. Check out our interview below with Bertrand de Volontat, the editor of The Tourist in Paris.

What was the starting point for launching The Tourist in Paris?

Realizing that visitors in Paris needed a specifically designed platform that would allow them to have a personalized experience and bring back unique memories. Visiting a city can be disappointing if you miss out on its local life. Experiencing Paris beyond touristic venues and fully live the city life, that's The Tourist in Paris  promise. 

When and why did you decide to go mobile?

When you travel, your phone is your best ally. After one year of existence on the web, we realized we couldn’t make it without an app. Especially since most of our travelers visit us on their mobile. And even if our website was fully responsive since day 1, it wasn’t enough anymore. Now, we’re spending every minute we have on making our app better and better for our travelers. 

Your "What's your mood today" feature is very clever. How did you come up with it?

The idea is to be in tune with people’s expectations. Every traveler doesn’t necessarily want the same thing at the same time, so you cannot possibly provide the same information for everyone. The question is: “What do I want to do today? How do I feel? Romantic? Healthy? Dreamy? Ok, give me some ideas in tune with my mood!” And it’s just the beginning of what we want to do in terms of “targeted information” and “personalized programs”. 

If you had to define what makes you stand out among other tourism ressources for people visiting Paris, what would it be?

Our editorial content! We don’t just give tips. We explain why, for whom, depending on when you travel, where you stay. We choose every experience we mention very carefully. We don’t want to be a catalogue. We believe that people turn to us because they want the best venues matching their expectations, and that's what we give them. 

Do you have any advice for other businesses out there looking to build an app?

Make it simple, very simple. Use appealing design and photos and make sure your users find the information they are looking for intuitively and fast! The more efficient your app is, the less time they will spend on your app but the more they will come back. 

Finally, what made you choose GoodBarber?

The fact that not being a web developer I wanted to create a first app quickly and easily. Goodbarber has a set of tutorials from A to Z and their customer assistance is perfect for my profile. Plus, the visual outcome looks perfect! 

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