What is a girl from Vicenza doing in Corsica?!


Hey GoodBarbers,

My name is Silvia; I am the new country manager who has just landed in Ajaccio to take care of the Italian market.
I was born in a small village near Vincenza (not far from Venice) where I spent my childhood daydreaming. As soon as I had the chance, I started travelling and spending time living in different cities. I spent the past two years in Paris, which I love everything about..the little back alleys and beautiful perfumes will always be close to my heart!
However, I'm not afraid of change, and I can't wait to discover the magnificent views in Corsica.

Between Paris and Bologna, I did a Bachelors in Communications and a Masters in Film. For the past couple of years I have worked in several fields: theatre film production, public relations at communication agencies, event planning for social networks, as well as in journalism. 

After having covered the full spectrum of the Communications field, I fell in love with digital. I worked at an e-commerce website for almost a year, and now I'm ready for a new challenge!

In my free time I like to lose myself in a book, discover everything around me, take little trips, and write  :)