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My Name is Eric Boland, Founder/CEO of W-World Media, which is a startup based in Vancouver, Canada. WNewsNetwork is our Social News Network which provides the best news updates to users around the world. WNewsNetwork features the best news updates from sources around the world including World News, Tech and Business. We also have Sports for the Players at Heart. One of our features is W-Reports, a service where our users can submit breaking news to us and to users around the world. Also if you're not in the mood to read the news, we offer WNN Radio, which provides news updates through the audio feature. We have another feature, in which every season, we have a new logo and splashscreen for the season as you may have noticed in our Fall Update.

Why did you decide to create an app? What's your goal?

We created WNewsNetwork because we found out through talking to people that they want a news app that they can trust and use daily. They also want a simple design that they can use every day of the week, whether they are laying in their bed or waiting for the kids after school. The app can be used to find news to share with their friends on their social media accounts through their WNewsNetworks Account. WNN Radio is an awesome feature for moms who are getting the kids ready for school in the morning or dads getting dinner ready for the family as they can easy listen to the news hand-free.

Do you think that creating an app has had positive effects on your audience’s loyalty?

For this question, the short answer is yes as there are over one billion smartphone users and tablet users around the world. The mobile market is outpacing the sales of the PC market. The demand for apps has never been greater. I believe that if your business doesn't have a mobile app, then your company is not fully online considering the shift to mobile.

What is your favorite GoodBarber feature?

There are many GoodBarber features that we like and use in our App. We like the simple design of the App, both on smartphone and tablet devices. We also like that our users can upload their news stories through the App and we can see what is happening in their part of the world, so that we can broadcast to our users.

Do you have some advice for our readers?

Our advice to your readers is to plan what type of app they want to create and the features that they want before releasing their app to the world. We also recommend updating your app with new features when they become available as that will keep users coming back for more as well as help reach new users.