Japan: Xtone, Gapsmobile and GoodBarber join forces


In recent months, GoodBarber has been working closely with Xtone, a company from Tokyo that specializes in the design, development, content operation, and content managing systems for the web and mobiles.

The Xtone-Gapsmobile team that works with GoodBarber

The Xtone-Gapsmobile team that works with GoodBarber

Xtone and its sister company Gaps Mobile use GoodBarber to launch many Japanese companies’ mobile apps.
Led by Sadayuki Matsumoto , co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Xtone Ltd, Daiki Nishimura, Hiroki Sato, Kousuke Ishino, and Mitsuru Sakurai have already made applications for two international fishing equipment companies:
    - Deps , on iOS and Android
    - Breaden , also on iOS and Android (soon)

Regarding fisheries, four other applications will soon be available in stores:
    - Ever Green International
    - Gancraft
    - Hook Up
    - Duel

Two other applications are being developed by Gaps Mobile: BikeBros , relating to motorcycles, and Nano , in the field of music.

The GoodBarber team is very excited about this collaboration and extends a warm thank you to Xtone and Gaps Mobile for their confidence in us and for the work we’re doing together.

At the end of July, we will have a meeting with Sadayuki Matsumoto in London, the third destination for the GoodBarberSummerTour2012 . We look forward to it and hope he will be excited about GoodBarber V2, for which we will reveal the philosophy, design, and functions.