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ZDnet, the best source of tech news in germany


We asked Jérôme Bouteillereditorial director of NetMedia Europe , to tell us a bit about the launch of their app for the german edition of ZDnet that represents one of the leading online magazines in Germany in the technology section. 

Have you noticed differences in the adoption rate of your apps between the different countries where you have a presence? How was the ZDnet Germany app received by your audience?

Hello! The ZDnet apps have proved quite popular, with already over 10 000 downloads in Germany and a usage rate above what we see in France. We do in fact see discrepancies between brands and countries, but it's difficult to draw conclusions about usage patterns throughout Europe from these differences. 

How does this application tie in with your overall strategy? Has it helped reach your objectives in terms of user retention?

2014 is clearly a breakthrough year for mobile, with the number of mobile internet users surpassing the number of desktop users for the first time and with tablets and smartphones exceeding traditional computers in terms of usage. Just like the other apps launched with GoodBarber, this one allows us to adapt to these changing habits by being present on the main mobile operating systems, the mobile web and soon also on tablets. For certain titles, the mobile audience has now grown larger than the web audience, and we need to be proactive to make sure advertising revenues follow the same pattern.

In your opinion, what is GoodBarber's most useful feature?

We spent the last 10 years focusing on SEO and we now need to learn how to use the mobile ecosystem intelligently. For example, right now we are testing the notification system, with a single push message in France and one push per news item in Germany. I also like the simplified sharing of articles in social media. These tools are all independent of web searches and help us reduce our dependance on Google, while helping us increase reader retention at the same time.