Guideline 1.3 Kids Category

If your app is part of the Kids Category, follow the requirements below given by Apple in their guidelines :
- Remove from the app all links, purchasing opportunities, or other distractions to kids.
- You must comply with applicable privacy laws around the world relating to the collection of data from children online. Be sure to review the Privacy section of these guidelines for more information. 
- Kids Category apps may not send personally identifiable information or device information to third parties: the services must not collect or transmit the IDFA or any identifiable information about children (such as name, date of birth, email address), their location, or their devices. This includes any device, network, or other information that could be used directly or combined with other information to identify users and their devices.


Guideline 5.1.4 Kids

In this guideline , Apple specifies that it is critical to use care when dealing with personal data from kids.
- Apps intended primarily for kids should not include third-party analytics or third-party advertising.


Guidelines 2.3.8 Accurate Metadata

These guidelines  require that use of terms like “For Kids” and “For Children” in app metadata is reserved for the Kids Category. Apps not in the Kids Category cannot include any terms in app name, subtitle, icon, screenshots or description that imply the main audience for the app is children.


Activate App for kids on your iOS GoodBarber app

Activating this setting will disable the advertising, statistics and geolocation services to meet the App Store guidelines for apps intended for kids.
1. Go to the menu Settings > App Settings > Compilation Settings
2. Toggle on the option "App for kids"
3. Rebuild your iOS app to submit an update to the App Store

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