With the Airtable integration for GoodBarber, add to your app your forms designed with Airtable to collect structured data.
Your users access the form directly from your app and fill in the requested information.
The information is immediately available in Airtable for reuse.


Create Airtable form

1. Login or Register on Airtable
2. Select the base containing the form you want to include in your GoodBarber app
3. If not existing, create a form for your base and customize it (bottom left column)



Add your form to your app GoodBarber

1. Select "Share form" > Embed this from on your site" from Airtable.


2. Select "Autosize height" then copy the embed code.


3. Install the extension from the menu All Extensions > Airtable form on your back office GoodBarber
4. Paste your Airtable embed code in your back office new section


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