At GoodBarber we highly value and encourage feature requests that come from our users.
We invite you to submit your ideas on our feature voting board:

Within the voting board you have the ability to vote on your favorite ideas by clicking the upvote button.
This helps GoodBarber to accurately analyze and prioritize the feature requested by our community.

​Our product team closely follows this board, and we take all of our users’ comments and feedback seriously in planning our future roadmap.

Find below few rules to follow to make sure your ideas are handled properly.


Sign up for Canny

Sign up on our voting board:
Make sure to add your email and a picture.
- Your email will allow us to have a look at your existing project if you already have one, and be able to have more context regarding your request.
- Your picture will help make a better user experience using the voting board, plus posts with profile pictures in general get more votes than anonyme posts.


Post your feature request

- Under “Create a Post”, add a descriptive title and add some context in the details field*.
You can also add an image to illustrate your request.
- Use the search engine to check if your request exists already, if it does you only need to upvote the existing idea.
*Because of GoodBarber international community, all ideas must be written in English.

Clear and illustrated posts help the community to better understand your idea and upvote it.


Follow up your ideas

We do our best to prioritize and implement important features for our community.
While we may not implement the exact feature you shared, we do our best adding regularly new features to your apps.

Understand your status idea:

- "Open" (no specific status)
Ideas can be upvoted, no decision from the team have been made yet.
Ideas can stay in an open status to be upvoted, or closed or added to our roadmap.
- "Under review"
Ideas are being reviewed by GoodBarber team when some more research are needed.
Those ideas can then either be closed / added to our roadmap or go back to the open status.
Not all ideas need to be reviewed by the team.
- "Planned"
The ideas were added to our roadmap.
- "In progress"
The ideas are being currently developed.
- "Completed"
The ideas have either a workaround offered by the team or have been implemented.
- "Closed"
The ideas will not be implemented.

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