Write your app Privacy Policy for the Play Store

Google Play requires a privacy policy for your app to be compliant with their most recent guidelines: 

You can download a standard Privacy Policy for your app from this link here .
This is a template privacy policy.
You need to customize its content:
- The app must be named in the privacy policy.
- Ensure your privacy policy page is clearly labeled as such in the title.


Retrieve your privacy policy URL

Your privacy policy must be available on an active URL (no PDFs) and must be non-editable.

1. Your PWA GoodBarber is activated:
From your GoodBarber back office:
- Add an About section, name it "Privacy Policy" (add it either in the main navigation of your app or in "Other sections")
- Paste or write the content of your privacy policy in your About section
- Publish your Privacy policy section.
- Update your app Settings
- Copy your Privacy Policy URL from your PWA

2. Your PWA GoodBarber is NOT activated:

You own a website made outside GoodBarber:
- Create a webpage with your privacy policy content in your website
-​ Ensure your privacy policy page is clearly labeled as such in the URL and within the body of the page.
Copy your Privacy Policy URL from your Privacy Policy webpage 

You don't want to use GoodBarber PWA and have no website:
- Contact our support team


Add your Privacy Policy URL to Google Play console

1. Log in to your Google Play account https://play.google.com/apps/publish/
2. Select your app.
3. In the left-hand menu, go to Policy > App Content


4. Under Privacy Policy, click "Start"
5. Paste your URL in the Privacy Policy field.
6. Click "Save"



Add your Privacy Policy to your app

Google Play also requires the privacy policy to be present on your app.

1. Your Privacy Policy is hosted on a website outside GoodBarber: 
- Create a link from your app your content  to the same URL you send to Google Play or use an HTML section  to display your Privacy Policy page.


2. Your Privacy Policy is an About section within your GoodBarber PWA: 
- If the section is in the main navigation menu, you're good.
- If the section in not listed in the main navigation menu, create a link accessible from your app content to the Privacy Policy section.

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