Add a privacy policy URL on the Play Store

Google Play requires a privacy policy for your app to be compliant with their most recent guidelines.

You can download a standard privacy policy for your app from this link here .
This is a template privacy policy. You are free to customize it.


From your GoodBarber back office

From your backend:
1. Go to the bottom left menu Settings > Other Settings > My Files
2. Create a folder called Privacy Policy and upload your file in .pdf format.
3. Open the file in an external browser to display its full URL.
4. Copy this URL.

Notes :
- The online File Manager is only available after subscribing to a GoodBarber plan. It isn't available during the trial period. 
- In case you decide to store your PDF file elsewhere, don't use Google Drive. Google Play won't accept a Google Drive link. 



From Google Play console

1. Log in to your Google Play account
2. Select your app.
3. In the left-hand menu, go to Policy > App Content


4. Under Privacy Policy, click "Start"
5. Paste your URL in the Privacy Policy field.
6. Click "Save"



Adding a privacy policy on the app

Google Play also requires the privacy policy to be present on your app.
To do so, you can use the same URL you send to Google Play, by creating a link in your content or in an HTML section.

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