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Set your push certificate | PWA

Create a Firebase project

1. Go to the Firebase Console page:
Note: you need to be logged in to your Google account to access this page. If you don’t have a Google Account, you need to create one to continue this process.
2. Click "Add project":


An iBox called Create a project opens.
3. Define a name for your project, we use in this example "Push PWA
4. Click "Create project":


5. In the Firebase menu, in the top left of the page, click the gear icon > "Project settings”:


6. Click the tab Cloud Messaging
7. Copy the Sender ID. In our example, it's 314797374074.
8. Open your back office in a new tab.



Paste your Sender ID in your back office

1. In your back office, go to the menu Publish > PWA > Push Certificates
2. Paste your Sender ID in the corresponding field
3. Click Next Step.



Back to Firebase console

1. In the Firebase console, go to the menu Project settings > Tab “Cloud Messaging”
2. Copy the full Server key.



Back to your back office

1. Go to the menu Publish > PWA > Push Certificates  
2. Paste the server key you copied at step 3.2 above
3. Click "Next step"



Rebuild your PWA

1. Go to the menu Publish > PWA > Update > Progressive Web App Engine
2. Click "Rebuild my PWA" to integrate your server key to your app.

Once PWA regenerated, you'll be able to send push for your PWA users.