You have installed a domain name on your reseller dashboard  and finalized its installation, but now you can't access any of your projects.

This could be for 2 reasons:
1. Your domain has expired, and you forgot to renew it from your registrar console (website where you bought your domain name).
2. Your domain is not set properly anymore, you changed the DNS settings of your domain name from your registrar console.

To fix it, you have 2 options: remove the domain name from your reseller dashboard or set it properly.


Remove the domain name from your reseller dashboard:

1. Log in to your reseller dashboard:
2. Go to the menu Settings > Domain & SSL
3. Click "Delete domain"

Your GoodBarber projects and PWA will then be accessible via the default Goodbarber URLs (
They won't be white-labeled anymore, but they will be accessible.


Set your domain name properly from your registrar console

1. Log in to your registrar interface
2. Make sure your domain has been renewed and that you have no invoice pending from your registrar
3. Edit the DNS for the following values:

    Server Name
 DNS main
 DNS main
 DNS main

You might have to wait 24 to 48 hours for the DNS propagation in order for the modification to be applied to all users.



1. Once a domain is set, do not edit its DNS or you'll lose access for all your GoodBarber projects 

2. Make sure to provide a valid email to your registrar so you're notified when you need to renew your domain name

3. The domain name used on your reseller dashboard must be used only for your GoodBarber projects.
GoodBarber doesn't let you manage your DNS zone, which means you can't create sub-domains of your choice, edit the MX records to create emails, etc.
Your reseller domain name is used only to white-label all your GoodBarber apps' URLs.
All apps in your reseller agency will have the following type of URL: ""

4. If someone checks your domain name itself -- -- it will display a white-labeled 404 page, this is the regular behavior.
To display a link to an external website on this page:
- Fill in the field "URL of your site" in the menu Settings > Your agency :: Tab "Your identity" of your reseller dashboard.
If you don't have a website, leave this field empty.

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